Monday, December 20, 2004 a minute I’ll be free

JMU won the Division I-AA National Championship this past Friday night. It was the first championship for JMU in football and hopefully this will be a stepping stone for us to jump to Div I-A. The JMU alumni packed the house at Bailey's to watch our Dukes crush Montana. The first half we started a bit slow and everyone was really nervous. However, by the second half JMU turned it on to put the Grizzlies down for good.

Saturday was the Kolar Christmas Party and from I can remember it was good times. Tons of food, kegs of beer, and bottles of Beam were all in abundance. It is definitely a good time when you wake up on a couch and not knowing how you got there but definitely glad you made it to the couch instead of the floor.

I spent the majority of Sunday feeling like I got hit by a truck. I napped, watched football, napped some more and then watched more football. It is quite possibly the best cure for a hangover. In fantasy news, the Donkey Punchers knocked out the Shockers to move on to the Super Bowl in the Dunny league. At least now I'm guaranteed of winning my entrance fee plus a few extra bucks.

The weather went from Fall to deep Winter overnight it seems. It was like 60 degrees two weeks ago and now its like 20 with a windchill close to 0. We even had a little bit of snow last night which could be the culprit for the stupid cable going out (on certain channels). I didn't quite understand how the cable could go out on a few select channels and not all at once. Of course it had to go when I was actually in the middle of watching a movie. Go figure.

I'm floating in the blimp a lot
I feel the feeling I forgot
of swimming weightless in the womb
or bouncing gently 'round the room
In a minute I’ll be free
and you’ll be splashing in the sea
BTW - Preet, you are welcome for posting this for you to read at work.

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