Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Give it just a little more time...

Its official JMU has made the I-AA Championship Game this Friday in Chattanooga, TN versus Montana. We will be boozing it up again at Bailey's again like last week. It was a packed house last week for the semis. We got there late but still managed to get smashed. I suppose we should have ate our dinner instead of drinking it.

After Friday's boozefest, the JMU spirit will continue on at the Kolar Christmas Party. This is a party my friend Tara has been having for the past eight years (though this will only be my second I think). Last year was pretty good I would have to say. Drunken Gerald made an appearence and more than likely will show up again.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm about through with my shopping. I knocked out the parents quite easily by getting them a new PC, which was long overdue. And no, this won't spoil it for them since I had the computer shipped to their house and it has already arrived. It is really hard to believe the big day is less than 10 days away. Christmas is hard for me to get into anymore. I guess that's what happens to you if you ever worked retail during the holidays. That was a chaotic 6 years of Christmas at the Locker

Fantasy Football playoffs start this weekend and my Donkey Punchers take on Owens' shit squad the Shockers. The lucky fuck has our head to head edge over the season but I did end the season in 2nd place. So as long as I get past his scrub team, I'm guaranteed a hundred bucks.

Let's Go Dukes!

Some times it comes without warning,
Like the moon in the morning,
It's just one of those things.

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