Thursday, December 09, 2004

Nothing But A Shadow

Finally, I got the new strings on the guitar and its definitely sounding much better. Previously, I had the Tak tuned down to C so I could play some Ben Harper tunes like Ground on Down and Whipping Boy. Granted its not a slide guitar but playing the slide tuned down is definitely an interesting sound.

My favorite new riff to play is from the song Twist by Phish. It goes something along the lines of:

I really think this is pretty cool to play.

Besides that, I think I might be heading down to OZ in Feb. with Britto and Owens. That will be one hell of a riot.

So unless you have been living in a cave or just don't care about Div IAA football, you would know that JMU is in the Semifinals this weekend. The big game is Friday night at 7PM on ESPN2. Timmy, Owens, and myself will be boozing it up for the game tomorrow(tonight) in Arlington. Also, if you had not heard the Dukes have won the CapitolOneBowl online challenge without playing all of the games. We have 8 wins and the second closest competitor has 4 with 3 games to play.

I find it hard to explain how I got here
I think I can I think I can
Then again I will falter
Dream little darling dream

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Anonymous said...

So it's your sister Gwen here on Dec. 14 and I just now realized you even had a blog? Way to not tell me fool money. You gotta keep a sista informed of these things. Anyway, rock on with it and our beloved Dukes are gonna rock the house this Friday against Montana to be national champs, I just know it. What bar should we go to watch the game at? Bailey's again? That was pretty fun last Friday. That is all. Hi Jill if you read this!

-G to the W to the E to the N