Monday, December 20, 2004 a minute I’ll be free

JMU won the Division I-AA National Championship this past Friday night. It was the first championship for JMU in football and hopefully this will be a stepping stone for us to jump to Div I-A. The JMU alumni packed the house at Bailey's to watch our Dukes crush Montana. The first half we started a bit slow and everyone was really nervous. However, by the second half JMU turned it on to put the Grizzlies down for good.

Saturday was the Kolar Christmas Party and from I can remember it was good times. Tons of food, kegs of beer, and bottles of Beam were all in abundance. It is definitely a good time when you wake up on a couch and not knowing how you got there but definitely glad you made it to the couch instead of the floor.

I spent the majority of Sunday feeling like I got hit by a truck. I napped, watched football, napped some more and then watched more football. It is quite possibly the best cure for a hangover. In fantasy news, the Donkey Punchers knocked out the Shockers to move on to the Super Bowl in the Dunny league. At least now I'm guaranteed of winning my entrance fee plus a few extra bucks.

The weather went from Fall to deep Winter overnight it seems. It was like 60 degrees two weeks ago and now its like 20 with a windchill close to 0. We even had a little bit of snow last night which could be the culprit for the stupid cable going out (on certain channels). I didn't quite understand how the cable could go out on a few select channels and not all at once. Of course it had to go when I was actually in the middle of watching a movie. Go figure.

I'm floating in the blimp a lot
I feel the feeling I forgot
of swimming weightless in the womb
or bouncing gently 'round the room
In a minute I’ll be free
and you’ll be splashing in the sea
BTW - Preet, you are welcome for posting this for you to read at work.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Give it just a little more time...

Its official JMU has made the I-AA Championship Game this Friday in Chattanooga, TN versus Montana. We will be boozing it up again at Bailey's again like last week. It was a packed house last week for the semis. We got there late but still managed to get smashed. I suppose we should have ate our dinner instead of drinking it.

After Friday's boozefest, the JMU spirit will continue on at the Kolar Christmas Party. This is a party my friend Tara has been having for the past eight years (though this will only be my second I think). Last year was pretty good I would have to say. Drunken Gerald made an appearence and more than likely will show up again.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm about through with my shopping. I knocked out the parents quite easily by getting them a new PC, which was long overdue. And no, this won't spoil it for them since I had the computer shipped to their house and it has already arrived. It is really hard to believe the big day is less than 10 days away. Christmas is hard for me to get into anymore. I guess that's what happens to you if you ever worked retail during the holidays. That was a chaotic 6 years of Christmas at the Locker

Fantasy Football playoffs start this weekend and my Donkey Punchers take on Owens' shit squad the Shockers. The lucky fuck has our head to head edge over the season but I did end the season in 2nd place. So as long as I get past his scrub team, I'm guaranteed a hundred bucks.

Let's Go Dukes!

Some times it comes without warning,
Like the moon in the morning,
It's just one of those things.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Nothing But A Shadow

Finally, I got the new strings on the guitar and its definitely sounding much better. Previously, I had the Tak tuned down to C so I could play some Ben Harper tunes like Ground on Down and Whipping Boy. Granted its not a slide guitar but playing the slide tuned down is definitely an interesting sound.

My favorite new riff to play is from the song Twist by Phish. It goes something along the lines of:

I really think this is pretty cool to play.

Besides that, I think I might be heading down to OZ in Feb. with Britto and Owens. That will be one hell of a riot.

So unless you have been living in a cave or just don't care about Div IAA football, you would know that JMU is in the Semifinals this weekend. The big game is Friday night at 7PM on ESPN2. Timmy, Owens, and myself will be boozing it up for the game tomorrow(tonight) in Arlington. Also, if you had not heard the Dukes have won the CapitolOneBowl online challenge without playing all of the games. We have 8 wins and the second closest competitor has 4 with 3 games to play.

I find it hard to explain how I got here
I think I can I think I can
Then again I will falter
Dream little darling dream

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

New Strings

Another weekend over and its time to look back upon on what went down. Highlights include new guitar strings, seeing the National Christmas Tree, and of course a drunken Saturday night.

After work on Friday, I headed to Guitar Center to grab some new strings for the Tak. As always, I went into the expensive guitar section and played some guitars I dream of someday owning. Once I got that out of my system I headed to the counter to pick up my strings and head home. Upon arriving home, I realize I grabbed the wrong set of strings. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to put the new strings on, but it would have to wait for another day. Later on, I meet my buddy Tim, his girlfriend Caroline, and our friend Molly out at Coastal Flatts. We have some beers and then go back to his house to hang out for a bit. I played his new guitar, which by the way sounds really sweet and mellow, then head home

Saturday starts off with a 10 am wakeup call from my friend Dave. I wasn't too happy about getting woken up on a day where I can sleep in, especially when I couldn't fall back to sleep. I get up and out of the house to exchange the strings I bought the previous night. I meet him and his wife at the metro and we head into the city to walk around. We stop by Union Station and then head over to the White House to check out the tree. We check out the tree, the buring Yule logs, and all the other garb that is on the south lawn. It was the first time that I'd seen the tree in person and I wasn't as impressed with this tree compared to the one in Rockefeller Center. It started to get dark so we decided to call it a day.

I get home and find out that JMU won its playoff game against Furman and that Tech beat Miami to win the ACC (those lucky bastards). This weekend we meet W&M again and hopefully we won't loose as time expires in this one. If we win, we will advance for the National Championship (of Div I-AA that is).

Well its about boozing time, so I head over to Tim's house with a handle of Beam. We have a few drinks then head to McFaddens to get the night under way. We slam beers, shots and get pretty loaded before heading to this party. A trip to the Ice Luge and a few beers and the details of the remainder of the night get pretty fuzzy after that. I think I spent the majority of the night joking and laughing with these dudes while we all spoke in Scottish/Irish accents. Who knows why?? I was smashed and it seemed like a good idea at the time. We cabbed back to Caroline's (but I don't recall the ride) to crash.

Sunday arrives and the only thing on the brain is, well the only two things on the brain are: football and recover from hangover. I spend the majority of the day transplanted on the couch and keeping track of the fantasy team. The football day ends and my Bears win, along with my fantasy team. Not only that, I knocked Zazzaro's Blazers out of the playoffs and I secured my place in them. I can feel the super bowl prize ready to be claimed by the Donkey Punchers. A bit of good news for Skins fans, they actually won and put up more than 18 points. Who would have thought?

Every moral has a story
every story has an end
every battle has its glory
and its consequence