Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Internet Gambling Ban

Read George F. Will article, Prohibition II: Good Grief, from Newsweek on MSNBC.com about internet gambling. He makes great points about the hypocrisy of this law. While our government is protecting "the people", it allows the states to do whatever they want [all 48 of them that have some form of legalized gambling]. So playing Blackjack online for money is illegal, but buying a blackjack lottery ticket is legal??? What's the difference? You are spending your money on a game of chance.

Its just another attempt by the social conservatives to dictate what Americans should and shouldn't do. I have a feeling this will become one of America's next futile wars, soon to be deemed The War on Online Gambling. Yet, another "war" that can never be won, ala, the War on Drugs. The goverment will waste billons of tax payer dollars to prosecute companies and people who will operate overseas instead of legalizing it, regulating it and taxing it like any other business.