Friday, November 18, 2005


Kids the date has been set for the OBB IV for August 12th, 2006. So mark you calendars and get ready for yet another crazy day of boozing. In case you were wondering how many days were left until this glorious day, check the countdown to your left.

Farmer Jack, where were you when I was 16,
Farmer Jack, life was dull 'til you came on the scene.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Viva La Vegoose

Well I just got back from Vegas for the first and hopefully annual Vegoose Music Festival. It was quite unbelievable. Lots of good tunes to groove to, lots of alcohol to booze to, lots of blackjack to lose to, and plenty of strippers to...well you know.

We headed out Thursday night from Dulles and by the time we hit the Vegas strip the drinks from the flight had kicked in quite nicely. We made it to the Riveria where we were staying and headed for the tables. The Riveria is one of the last old breed casinos in Las Vegas but at least our room was nice and clean. Neither the craps table or the blackjack table was doing us any good so we did what any single 20 something males would do in the city of Sin. STRIP CLUB. We grabbed a cab and told the cabbie to take us to the finest establishment the town had to offer. His suggestion, the Spearmint Rhino.

Upon paying the cover charge and looking out across the widely open club, I could see why this was the premier "Gentleman's Club". I swear I have never seen so many hot woman in one place in my life (and topless at that). They were from all over the damn place. I guess there is some truth in strippers working to pay for school. If you are ever in Vegas, I recommend you stop by.

On Friday, we did the touristy thing. We walked down the strip and checked out all the things that were going on in them. The mall in Caesar's was nuts. In one part of the ceiling is all cloud covered at night with the moon out. It was real trippy.

We eventually got tired and like true alcoholics that we are, we settled down at a good outside bar to relax. Not that really matters. You can drink wherever you want on the strip. It really is like Cousin Eddie from Vegas Vacation walking around with 24oz cans of Budweiser.

After doing that for a while, we decided to check out the Hard Rock. It was definitely one of the coolest places of the whole trip. They had good tunes playing and a really chill atmosphere. We had some drinks and played some blackjack and craps in hopes that our luck would turn. It eventually did and we all walked out of the Hard Rock in much better moods than we we had at our own casino the night before.

By the time we had finished up at the Hard Rock it was time for the first of many concerts we would see that weekend. We headed to the Alladin to see of my favorites, Dave Matthews + Tim Reynolds. They played a pretty decent set overall. You could tell they were a bit rusty, having not played together for quite some time. Highlights for me were Typical, Stay Or Leave, Warehouse, Billies, and Save Me. Unfortunately, Dave decided to play some of the songs off Stand Up, DMB's latest shit album. Had it not been for those 3 wasted songs, the setlist could have been much better. Hopefully, they will make up for it by having a spring Dave + Tim tour.

More to come later...

Come as melody
Come as energy
Come as memories
Come at all...