Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More new music in 06

Not only is Ben Harper putting out a new record this winter/spring (see my post) , but so are Robert Randolph and the Family Band and Will Hoge.

RRFB's album isn't due out until May and includes guests like Eric Clapton and Dave Matthews. For more info see the this article.

Will Hoge's latest will be released Feb 7th in Philadelphia. You can pre-order the new cd starting today from the Will Hoge Store. He rolls into the 9:30 Club March 4th.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Beer Goggles Exist!

According to a study done at the University of Glasgow, beer googles exist. Now we all know, the next time your buddy is hitting on an unattractive girl at the pub, its not his fault.

Read the article, Do "beer goggles" really exist?.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

License Plates

DMB 41 plate
I was looking at pictures from college today and couldn't help but laugh at Mike's old license plate. Now this isn't the funniest one he has had since I've known him, but it made me want to post.

His worst one and the one that he caught so much shit for (even to this day) was JMUMOM2. Granted when he changed cars from the mighty big blue Blazer to JMUMOM2 Lebaron he didn't get the plate changed for almost a year. This lead to endless ridicule by every single one of our friends including myself. I guess to college kids this is the funniest thing in the world. Seeing your buddy driving around campus and getting called out as JMUMOM2.

Monday, January 23, 2006


So the other day I was browsing Ebay, looking at vintage Gibsons and decided to search for J-45s. I was primarily interested in the 70's models because they are square-shouldered as opposed to the sloped/rounded-shouldered models from all other periods. My uncle happens to own an 72 and I have become quite the fan of this instrument, so I began to casually look for one from this era.

Well, I found a couple of them, decided to bid and was quite surprised when I actually won. I had just won a 1970 Gibson J-45 Deluxe. The guitar arrived on Friday and it has been quite the treat. It was in great shape for a guitar built over 35 years prior and it sounded as amazing as my uncle's 72. It puts out this great bassey, bluesy, mellow tone.

I've been playing it pretty solidly the last few days and Mike was complaining about me not writing about it, so I decided to post and add some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The front view.
front view
The back view.
back view
The top side.
top side
The bottom side.
bottom side
The back of the headstock.

Walking by the river's edge
Reach my hands to cup the sky
Run down my arms a bitter blue
Turn to red and the gashes grew

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

World Series of Beer Pong

Its true! Two guys from Michigan won the Beer Pong Championship in the World Series of Beer Pong. These guys scored a cool $10 thousand. Who says drinking doesn't pay?

For more information about this great sport, check out the Beer Pong home.

Holes in my head,
Holes in my shoes,
At least there's a hole in my head to fill me with booze.

Friday, January 13, 2006

New Ben Harper Album

It appears Ben Harper will be releasing a double album March 16th titled Both Sides of the Gun. Swer.net has the track listing and a link to the Rolling Stone article discussing it.

I have no doubt this album will be the shit. I heard Black Rain from an internet leak, along with Gather Round The Stone and Get It Like You Like It from this past summer's club tour.

You don't fight for us but expect us to die for you
You have no sympathy for us but still I cry for you
Now you may kill the revolutionary
But the revolution you can never bury
And it won't be long 'til the people (fill) the streets
We come for you
One and all

Buy me something!

Have you ever had the urge to buy me something but never had any idea of what to get. Well, luckily Amazon has saved you some time and work. I have created a Wish List that you can access to find that perfect gift. My Wish List includes a variety of things, for example: CDs, DVDs, and Books. I'll keep it updated with items I buy myself, but don't fear, there will always be something else that I want.

In other news, Bonnaroo 2006 has been announced for June 16-18. The organizers have even decided to reduce the total number of attendants by 10,000 this year so hopefully it won't be as crowded.

By the way, Baby O has started blogging about this, that and the other. Check him out, geoffrioinns.

Sometimes we might fall
Stand up taller
Someday we may graduate into a perfect state of mine