Friday, January 13, 2006

New Ben Harper Album

It appears Ben Harper will be releasing a double album March 16th titled Both Sides of the Gun. has the track listing and a link to the Rolling Stone article discussing it.

I have no doubt this album will be the shit. I heard Black Rain from an internet leak, along with Gather Round The Stone and Get It Like You Like It from this past summer's club tour.

You don't fight for us but expect us to die for you
You have no sympathy for us but still I cry for you
Now you may kill the revolutionary
But the revolution you can never bury
And it won't be long 'til the people (fill) the streets
We come for you
One and all

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Cara Maria McDonough said...

Oh my God. I can't believe you have a countdown to the OBB. I'm going to read this blog EVERY DAY.