Monday, January 23, 2006


So the other day I was browsing Ebay, looking at vintage Gibsons and decided to search for J-45s. I was primarily interested in the 70's models because they are square-shouldered as opposed to the sloped/rounded-shouldered models from all other periods. My uncle happens to own an 72 and I have become quite the fan of this instrument, so I began to casually look for one from this era.

Well, I found a couple of them, decided to bid and was quite surprised when I actually won. I had just won a 1970 Gibson J-45 Deluxe. The guitar arrived on Friday and it has been quite the treat. It was in great shape for a guitar built over 35 years prior and it sounded as amazing as my uncle's 72. It puts out this great bassey, bluesy, mellow tone.

I've been playing it pretty solidly the last few days and Mike was complaining about me not writing about it, so I decided to post and add some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The front view.
front view
The back view.
back view
The top side.
top side
The bottom side.
bottom side
The back of the headstock.

Walking by the river's edge
Reach my hands to cup the sky
Run down my arms a bitter blue
Turn to red and the gashes grew

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Michal said...

The Porn Star definately digs the new axe.