Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thanksgiving in the Noke

I went home to good ole Roanoke this weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a good to catch up with the fam and eat good food for once. Unfortunately, the sorry ass Cowboys beat my pathetic Bears. What better way to drown your sorrows and full stomach by boozing it up with old buddies. We started off at Joe the jew's house then proceeded downtown to hit up the bars. I get hammered and we go for some late night Texas Tavern. If you are ever in Noke you have to try it. I highly recommend a cheesey and a bowl. Though you may regret it the next day, as most do.

The rest of the weekend was rather boring with going out downtown both nights followed up with more TT late night Saturday. A weekend of sleeping on couches, floors, and my old bed make me feel glad to be back home.

Saldy my beloved Wahoos lost to the Chokies in Blacksburg based upon some bad officiating and big plays by Tech. On a high note, JMU won in its opening round playoff game against Lehigh. The Dukes play Furman this weekend and hopefully our team will take the next step towards a national championship.

You tricked me like the others
And now I don't belong
The simple smiles and good times seem all wrong

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