Wednesday, November 17, 2004

What a weekend...

So the weekend boozefest started off at Sweet Water. After 3 pale ales, I moved on to Manassas to meet Marcus. We make it back to his house somehow (I don't really recall how). I raid his fridge and drunk dial a few of his friends (for reasons unknown).

I wake up on the couch and feel like I got hit by a bus. I stumble into Damon's to meet Owens and Stephen for lunch. Needless to say I looked rough. I ordered a tall glass of water and suck it down like cheap tequila in a dirty bar in Tijuana. I drive home, plant myself on the couch where I reside the rest of the day.

Owens and Stephen show up with some beers later that evening. We have drink a few then Owens bails because he has to work the next day. We head to this party and upon arrival they are out of beer. We bail and head to Ned's and proceed to booze the night away. We check out the band thats playing downstairs, they are horrible to say the least. They play bad covers of Phish, G. Love, and their original tunes.

Sunday arrives and I head out to go to the Skins game with my friend Sarah and her roommate Jess. Jess drives and just as we are about 3 miles from the exit, the car starts acting up. Luckily we make it to the parking lot. Jess turns the car off and it never regains life. We are stranded at FedEx field. At least we can look forward to the game and drinking some beers. We get in and the game starts in typical skins fashion; one debacle right after another on offense. What better time to make a beer run. Skins loose (what's new) and we decide to metro back to Arlington since the car is no use. I finally make it back home and I'm exhausted.

Monday morning arrives way too soon (as always) and its back to work. Unfortunately, I get to start the week sick (sore throat) and tired from lack of real sleep. All and all, not a bad weekend.

With this resigned,
The letter I sign

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jillian said...

scare, it sounds like you had a fantastic weeked...i love your blog, all two messages of it. love your one!