Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Roo schedule screws me

The Bonnaroo 06 schedule was just announced today and they are completely fucking me. How might you ask with so many artists and bands in one festival; that is spread over 4 days?

Quiet simply, they stacked a major group of artists I wanted to see all in one fucking day. Just take a look at the Bonnaroo 06 schedule.

More importantly, look at Friday's list of shows. All in one day, they put Mike Gordon & Ramble Dove on at 3:15PM and start G. Love & Special Sauce at 3:30PM. On top of that, Ricky Skaggs' set starts at 5:30PM, both Robert Randolph & the Family Band's set and Oysterhead's set start at 5:30PM. And to drive a nail deeper into my heart, they have Nickel Creek starting at 6PM. So that's 6 of the 11 main acts that I planned to see (see post) and they all crammed into a 3 hour window. So I will only be able to see 2 full sets. Luckily, Robert Randolph is playing a mini set on the Sonic Stage at 2:30PM, so I'll get to see him perform some tunes.

To make matters worse, a blantant disrespect is being shown to Mr. Robert Randolph. Outside of Warren Haynes, he has been the hardest working man at Bonnaroo the last few years and is playing in The Other Tent instead of the Which Stage (btw Death Cab for Cutie is playing). Give me a fucking break. What moron made that decision? Something else worth noting is the fact that Nickel Creek and G. Love both played on the Which Stage at Bonnaroo 03, now both are tents this go round.

Now I know, artists' schedules have a lot to do with what days they are playing but this is only the BIGGEST festival of the summer in the US. And overall the rest of the weekend is planned out OK. But com'n Bonnaroo, spread the love out over the weekend. Don't cram everybody I love into one day.

and if you thought i could be replaced
i wouldn't just stop with an ear
i would cut off my whole fucking face
just to make my point clear


Michal said...

Well at least the weather will be good. I find that I'm most comfortable when it is between 90-100 degrees. The humidity also adds to the comfort..... I wonder what the temperature in MN would be around that time????

Jerry said...

michal <- Dick!