Thursday, August 11, 2005


Well it looks like I'm heading to Vegas for a long weekend of festivities in October. That's right, my buddies Mike, Nick and myself will be heading to Vegoose. For those of you that are out of the loop, Vegoose is a Bonnaroo event. It is all going down Halloween weekend October 28-31.

Las Vegas, now that's one hell of a venue for a festival: Drinking, Gambling, Strippers, & Rock 'N' Roll. That's one mighty fine cocktail.

The lineup for this festival is looking pretty solid as well. The short list includes the following:

They are even planning late night shows throughtout the weekend, so who knows how many other bad ass shows will be going on.

I just scooped up Nickel Creek's latest cd Why Should the Fire Die?. I highly recommend it. They never cease to amaze me. Go out and get it!

I ordered tickets to see John Butler Trio when they play at 9:30 Club September 29th. This dude rips up a 12 string and gives new life to the instrument. Get tickets while you can.
Well maybe I'm crazy
But laughing out loud will make it all it all alright
But maybe we're all a little crazy
And laughing out loud will make the pain pass by

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Owens said...

I might have to start growing my beard back for the return of the Halloween Porn Star.