Friday, February 11, 2005

he's not on time, he's always on time

It has been a while since I updated but I doubt anyone is reading it anyways. So here's what I've been up to lately...

I have stumbled upon one of the funniest websites/blogs in a long time. If you get the chance check it out,
Tucker Max. The guy has the craziest stories about partying, boozing, hooking up with hot chicks, and all sorts of mayhem. [Note: If you are the type of person that gets offended at all, I'd advise against visiting the site.]

Last weekend, we boozed it up at McFadden's for Doug and Al's birthdays. It was one of those $20 all you can drink 8-11 things. What does that mean? I got hammered. Starting the night off with a large Beam and Coke, I realized I had to switch to beer. Needless to say this just lead to shots and car bombs. Around 1 (I think?), I had to leave the bar early because I didn't think I could stand up any longer.

The weekend before we went to the Warner Theatre downtown to a comedy show. The opening guy
Stephen Lynch was awesome. Instead of just plain stand up, he sings funny/dirty songs while playing the acoustic guitar. He was definitely the highlight of the evening. One of the highlights was a song called She's Gottta Smile, where he talks about going out to the bar and checking out a hot chick and her fat friend gets in the way. If you get a chance, check him out. The main act of the evening was Mitch Hedberg, who is a very funny comedian that spits out a bunch of one liners. Unfortunately, Mitch was shitfaced when he took the stage and his act ended up being shitty. At one point he was lying on the stage just muttering into the microphone. His performance killed the crowd and eventually our night.

Last weekend tickets for the 4th Bonnaroo went on sale and I scooped one up. It looks to be a hell of a lineup this year as compared to last year's. Acts include Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, Alison Krauss, The Allman Brothers, Jack Johnson and a list too long for me to list here. Go to the
Bonnaroo site if you are interested. It should be a good time this year much like when I went to the second one.

like rain on the windshield
I'm moving through the night
roaming the time zones
filmed in black and white
you're here in my headphones
each and every mile
falling asleep with the lights on all night

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