Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart brought up a few great points the other night.

2,083. That's the dollar cost per taxpayer for the Iraq War so far. Now I know what you are thinking 2,083 dollars, that could have allowed me to adopt several underpriveledged children in third world countries or buy an eight ball and have a night with a fancy hooker.
For those of you paying attention that's 250 Billion dollars the Iraq War is costing tax payers. Its slightly higher than the initial $1.7 Billion the Bush administration had said the war would cost. There is a an upside to this though. We are deficit spending!
It's deficit money...they're taking out loans from other countries to cover this. So don't think of that money as $2,000 you don't have. Think of it as $200,000 your grandchildren won't have. And seriously, Fuck Them. They think you smell like ass.
You can view the video clip of Your Tax Dollar$ At War.

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Cara Maria McDonough said...

Damn straight.